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Folusho Hezekiah (The Consultant) is a Regulated, Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant directing and managing the affairs of FB International Placement Services Limited, CANADA, 19 years of Immigration experience. My immigration skills were acquired from years of experience as the Non-Immigrant Case Analyst, at The Canadian Deputy High Commission Lagos where I assessed all documents, ensured Canadian standards are met, interviewed applicants, reviewed case files and recommended applicants for issue of visas. My consultancy experiences were from working with KPMG Consultants, Lagos. I currently am a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and a Member of The Immigration Consultants of Canada regulatory Council.

I process all avenues of entering Canada legally as you can observe from this site.

I forge a clear path in providing professional services to Individuals who have dreams for Canada through its immigration programs.

I have a track record of cases mostly taken up without any initial contact with the Applicant. Our services are excellently delivered to all clients anywhere in the world via the Internet and telephone. 90%+ of our cases have been referrals.

I strive to ensure our client’s desires and goals are achieved. We apply legal strategies to programs which are always successful. Our work and success rate speaks for itself. I have processed about 2,000 varying cases into Canada since inception.

Word of advice is to act with SPEED. The Canadian government applies regulated deadlines to most programs.

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