The Canadian Government has been Pro-Immigration for Generations. Immigration comprises of major programs such as:

– Express entry
– Immigrant Investor
– Start-up visa
– Self employed
– Atlantic Immigration Programs
– Provincial Nominee programs

These major programs are further subdivided to specific/ targeted programs. Prospects are recommended to pass through our Immigration Webinar to decipher and determine the best entry program for you/ family.

Our Immigration webinar session will briefly touch on all immigration possibilities to Canada or staying on legally in Canada (for those in Canada).

The Consultant has developed 5 steps to make the process easier for prospects

1. Webinar phase and  Consultation phase. After the Immigration Webinar, Clients must sign up for Immigration Consultation by going to our CONSULTATION PAGE

Once payment is confirmed, The Consultant will forward a CONSULTATION AGREEMENT for signature.

Consultation phase will help the Consultant block out 14 business days to scrutinize prospects history as follows:

-review Clients history and accomplishments from high school till date 
– Analyze work history
– Analyze family history
– Consider best program applicable
– Understand timing available
– Ensure prospect’s present status meets Canadian rules and regulations
– Proffer best solution. A plot on way forward would be determined at this stage.

We will forward you our Immigration online form and request the following documents

i. DETAILED Resume/ CV
ii. Academic certificates
iii. Professional certificates, if any
iv. Data pages of International passport for all family members

Webinar and Consultation Phase (Phase 1) MUST be well done to achieve success in other phases.

Payments for Webinar and Consultation phases are applicable towards any future immigration service.

On completion of Consultation, The Consultant will contact prospect on day 15 with a DETAILED report and thereafter schedule a 15-minute telephone meeting.

After CONSULTATION, The Prospect should proceed with COMPILATION PHASE. Fees for phases 2 – 5 below will be negotiated with prospect.

2. Compilation phase: At this stage, we have a blueprint to follow.
3. Upload phase
4. Application phase
5. Follow-up phase


ESTIMATED time for the whole process can be 12 – 24 months +/-.


Please start on the above as soon as possible. The Consultant has a high volume of prospects and will divide her time equally per case.

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